‘Ask Me Anything’ Sessions

We have an exciting lineup of Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) hosts who will be able to speak and lead discussions over various topics — from startup investing to interviewing tips, to sharing how they got to their positions in their careers.

For one hour, you’ll get a chance to chat with them in a group setting with others, share ideas and learn what others have done for their particular industries.


From Ideation to Reality with Narbeh Mirzaei
October 1, 2pm ET

Narbeh Mirzae is an engineering director for Hello Fresh and an entrepreneur. His AMA session is intended for folks who may not have a typical CEO-background, and are looking to turn their idea into a reality, or expand their startup into Europe. He can also help other engineering managers on hiring and team building, leadership challenges, and career advice.


Getting into Big Tech with Tanya Chawla
October 8, 8pm ET

Tanya Chawla is a corporate recruiter with a background that spans across large organizations such as Google, Facebook, and Disney, as well as small startups of 15+ people. She’ll be able to share best practices on getting a job in either a big tech company or small tech.


Skills to be a Successful Designer with Kai Rader
October 10, 12pm ET

Kai Rader, creative director of Mondo Robot, will be on hand to explain what skills are needed to become a successful designer in tech. It’s not just about knowing how to use Adobe Creative Suite or Sketch – it’s also about the soft skills like communication, and managing up and down. And he’ll be able to explain how to improve on them and utilize them effectively.

Interview (link coming soon)

Previous AMA Sessions

  • All Things Product Design with Trip O’Dell (8/1) – Trip is a seasoned product leader with a track record of building multidisciplinary teams at Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, and Varsity Tutors. His session was focused on product design: career development (e.g. switching jobs, managing up, product strategy, design leadership, etc.), specific product domains (e.g. voice interface, IoT, marketplaces, AI/ML, VR/AR, etc.) as well as emerging technologies and trends.
  • Startup and Seed Fundraising with Harlan Milkove (8/2) – Harlan is a repeat VC-backed startup founder who has led initiatives across several ventures to launch flagship products as a CTO and product manager in information services, blockchain, IoT, and on-demand labor verticals. His session was intended for aspiring entrepreneurs and pre-Series A founders.
  • Product Design Careers with Dave Yoon (8/21) – Dave is SVP of Design at fuboTV, a leading Internet television service. His session was intended for designers in the early stage of their career looking to grow in their skill set, and for managers who want to learn a more responsible and intentional approach to people management.
  • Early Stage Company Building with Tae Lee (8/22) – Tae is COO of ResortPass, an online platform for access to resort and hotel amenities. His session covered the process of building their product and want to grow their audience or their company. Read his interview here.
  • Product Management with Warren Wan (8/27) – Warren is a product leader with extensive experience at Under Armour, MyFitnessPal, eHarmony, Yahoo, and currently heads up Cleverest Labs, a product strategy consulting firm. He discusssed anything related to product development, and advancing in product / UX careers. Read his interview here.
  • Scaling Your Business with Lauren Griewski (8/29) – Lauren has 15 years of experience in the corporate space leading business development and technology platforms for monetization outcomes. Her session was intended for entrepreneurs that want to scale their business but aren’t sure how to. Read her interview here.
  • Taking the Next Step with Nicole Drummond (9/10) – Nicole is an enthusiastic career coach who supports, guides, and mentors those wishing to advance in or change their careers. Her session was intended for anyone who is getting a promotion or looking to take on more responsibilities, and are unsure how to navigate what’s next. Read her interview here.
  • Investing in Startups with Sherman Leung (9/16) – Sherman is a Healthcare/Enterprise Tech Investor at AlleyCorp who helped CEOs with fundraising tips, and also swapped learnings about building/scaling startups. Read his interview here.
  • Acing the Interview with Sarah Johnston (9/23) – Sarah runs The Briefcase Coach, which offers executive resume writing, interview prep, and strategic job search coaching. Her session helped folks who wanted to ace the interview process. Read her interview here.
  • Growing your Startup with Jamie Esperance (9/25) – Jamie Esperance is the Senior Marketing Manager from Common, who helped folks think about growth marketing tactics for their companies – large and small. Read his interview here.