A Perspective on Product Management

“Product management” is that position that product managers have a difficulty in describing to others what they do. In general, Product Managers help solve problems and develop new products or features for their customers. Or they say, they “get s*** done.” The customers can also be anyone – either internal stakeholders in the company or users/consumers of a product. But either way, product managers do tend to be the glue between designers, engineers, and business people when the company is sizable and there is a lot to do with so little time.

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Interviewing Diaries: The Search for a New Beginning

Olmo’s mission has always been to help pay it forward. The founding team of Olmo had the goal of democratizing access to knowledge and career advancement, and to help people rethink networking. It all sounds fine and dandy, aspirational even, until it comes time to actually do it. Beyond just struggles with developing and growing the app – which is a large topic in and of itself for another day – how does one actually take the ideas of “reinventing networking” to life? As I revisit my own approach to finding a new role to land in, I had a chance to practice what I used to preach. I would say, […]

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AMA with Kai Rader

Kai Rader, creative director of Mondo Robot, will be on hand to explain what skills are needed to become a successful designer in tech. It’s not just about knowing how to use Adobe Creative Suite or Sketch – it’s also about the soft skills like communication, and managing up and down. And he’ll be able to explain how to improve on them and utilize them effectively.

His AMA will be held on October 10 at 12pm ET. Read below for his thoughts on how he defines success.

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AMA with Tanya Chawla

Tanya is a life and career coach with many years of experience as a recruiter. Her background spans across global organizations such as Google, Facebook, and Disney as well as small startups of 15+ people. As a recruiter, she has primarily focused within the technology industry on both west and east coast. Having experienced the epic battle of guilt and emotions that rise between career ambitions and motherhood, Tanya has found ways to harness the advantages of both. She has taken that knowledge and guided many people through major life changes in career, marriage, and children. Tanya’s ultimate passion is about helping people find harmony among their many roles personally and professionally.

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AMA with Narbeh Mirzaei

Narbeh Mirzaei is a software engineer, entrepreneur and technologist with over a decade of experience in consumer startups, specifically in hospitality, e-commerce and travel industries. He is currently leading the payments tech team at HelloFresh.

His AMA will be held on Olmo on 10/1, 2pm ET. Read below for his thoughts on his career and advice he’d give to others starting out.

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AMA with Jamie Esperance

Jamie Esperance is a senior marketing manager at Common, which focuses on co-living spaces for people in high-demand cities. Having started out in recruiting, he pivoted towards marketing and is now managing growth marketing and strategy for his company, as well as consulting other startups.

His AMA will be held on Olmo on 9/25, 12pm and 7pm ET. Read below for his thoughts on his career and what he does day to day as a marketer.

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AMA with Sherman Leung

Sherman Leung is a Healthcare and Enterprise Tech Investor at Alleycorp who has advised other CEOs on how to scale startups and helped mentor others wanting to get into the VC track. Coming from an engineering and product background, he had an unconventional route to becoming a VC and a medical student.

His AMA will be on Olmo on 9/16. 3:30pm ET. Read below to see what he thinks is the biggest misconception people have about being in venture capital.

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AMA with Nicole Rae Drummond

Nicole is an enthusiastic career coach who supports, guides, and mentors those wishing to advance in or change their careers by balancing empathy with action to see results.

Her AMA will be on 9/10, 12pm ET on Olmo. Read below to see what is one piece of advice she wished she could have gotten when she started her career.

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